The Power of Preventive Care

Preventive care is exactly what it sounds like, taking measures to prevent illness or disease rather than waiting until you are sick and treating it after.  No one likes getting sick including our furry friends, and prevention is just as important for them.  As a pet owner you are responsible to look after your animals and keep them well.  There are many things that you can do on a regular basis to keep you and your fur babies from unwanted trips to the vets’ office, help them live happier and healthier lives, and save you time and money.

It all starts with basic hygiene, cleanliness, and grooming.  Make sure that your pet is clean and their nails and fur are trimmed.  Give them a bath!  Make it fun.  Now that summer is here, get the hose out and make bathing the dog a family activity.  Clean their ears, eyes, and nose.  There are special cleaning products for pets that you can purchase from a local pet store or your vet’s office.  There are also many local grooming facilities in the area. Teresa’s Doggie Boutique Pet Salon is offering half off of teeth brushing with a regular grooming. This is a great opportunity. Call 770-487-2997 for more information and mention that you heard it through the PTC Pets’ blog: Paws to Claws.


Pets are susceptible to gum disease just like us so brush their teeth or give them tartar control chews.  Monitor their food and water intake and weight.  Obesity is a big problem for pets as well as people and can be prevented with proper nutrition.  Chubby animals might be cute but too much weight can cause major health problems.  See your vet annually for a checkup and any vaccinations that your pet might need.  Vets will also check for parasites and you can help keep your animals safe by using a monthly heart worm preventative.  Your vet can also microchip your pet so that if they are ever lost they can be reunited with their family quickly.

One thing that many pet owners overlook is making sure that your pets’ home environment is clean.  Wash pet bedding often.  Clean food and water bowls daily. Dirty bowls can harbor bacteria and cause illnesses in pets.  Routinely running dishwasher safe pet bowls through the dishwasher is a good idea as well.

dog bowls

Remember that a year in an animal’s life is much longer than humans.  Puppies or kittens may need more preventive care to begin with, so get them on a schedule with your vet as soon as possible.  Taking the time to give your pet the care and attention that they deserve will ensure that they live a long and healthy life being your best buddy.

Did you know that PTC Pets transports pets? We have a pet mobile that can transport your pet to veterinarian and grooming appointments?  This taxi service will help keep your pets healthy, save you time, and keep your own vehicle hair free. Contact us today for pricing.

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