Physical Fitness — Not Just For Humans

Everyone knows how important it is to exercise.  Exercise helps keep our bodies healthy and our minds active.  Did you ever think that the same is true for our dogs?  Dogs need regular exercise just as much as humans, especially if they are left alone for long periods of time.  Dogs get restless and anxious just like we do, and a good afternoon walk can help alleviate negative behaviors like chewing, digging, and tearing up the house.  


While on a walk, dogs have the opportunity to socialize with other animals and humans.  It also gives them time to bond with the person who is walking them and to understand where their place is in the pack.  Vary the location of your walks in order to expose your pet to different sights and smells.  This will stimulate them but also give you a change of scenery so that it’s fun for both of you.


Exercise maintains a dog’s healthy weight, helps with digestion and tires them out so that you and your pet both get a good night’s sleep.  Make sure after a long walk that you give your dog plenty of water to re-hydrate and let him rest for a while.  Dogs should be walked at least once a day if not more so if you are working or out for the day think about having someone from PTC Pets come in and give your dog an afternoon walk.  You and your dog will be oh so grateful.

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